Girls, we like our products. And we're always in search of that next cosmetic miracle. None of us has the funds to try every new product that gets our attention, so here are the observations I've made on various beauty products I've tried. Hey, if it helps one person save a buck or snag that soon-to-be-treasured beauty breakthrough, my job here is complete. Cosmetic junkies, unite!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Come Rain or Sun, but No Shine

This stuff's like the relief pitcher they bring in out of the bullpen to seal the game.  It's a finisher like none other.  Whether  you're dry or oily, it has something to offer you.  It's HD Finishing Powder.  It's a white, translucent powder that should be applied after foundation/concealer and before bronzer/blush.  Or that's when I use it.  You can brush on a bit on at any point to provide an airbrushed finish to your complexion.  The bigwigs use this to create a flawless look in photos and on film.  I took it to my sister's wedding this weekend for the bridesmaids, and they raved about it.  See for yourself...

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