Girls, we like our products. And we're always in search of that next cosmetic miracle. None of us has the funds to try every new product that gets our attention, so here are the observations I've made on various beauty products I've tried. Hey, if it helps one person save a buck or snag that soon-to-be-treasured beauty breakthrough, my job here is complete. Cosmetic junkies, unite!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pssssst - I got a secret

And it's that I didn't wash my hair today.  Come on, now.  We've all done it...or do it regularly.  Second-day hair, ladies!  So many different options than on Day 1.  However, if you're like me, you get greasy.  My hair is not so cooperative on Day 2, mainly because I kept running my fingers through it on Day 1.  There's a couple of ways I've combated this in the past.  My mom's long-time tried-and-true remedy: baby powder.  And that worked perfectly for her and my sisters with their light blonde hair.  I have also tried almost all of the  powder or spray dry shampoos from Sephora, and they're okay but not any better than baby powder.  UNTIL...drumroll please...
THIS GUY .  It's a spray shampoo found in just about any drug store.  And this junk works!  It also happens to be about half the price of all the product options at Sephora.  So, buy it up, spray it on, and thank me later.  It'll be our little secret.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Prime Time!

In honor of the fabulous time I had this weekend with the lovely (and SOOOO fun) ladies of Discovery Church, I decided to discuss some of what we talked about this weekend...well the makeup stuff.  I decided it might be fun to bring all (or just most) of my cosmetics to just play and experiment with during free time at the retreat.  I can't imagine how many wives/moms have absolutely no time to be able to go to cosmetic counters or stores and just play!  This seemed slightly tragic to not be able to celebrate being a woman in this way, so I fiured I could at least make this option available.  I don't know a lot, but I've absorbed lots of tips and tricks from people that do over the years. 

One of the questions I got was: "How do you keep your eyeliner from settling into the crease throughout the course of the day?"  This was an easy one: PRIMER.  I remember distinctly when eyeshadow primer entered my life.  It was a good time.  All my artistry in shading and blending could now withstand 18-hour days!

So here are my recommendations:
I currently use Urban Decay's Primer Potion.  It comes in 3 formulations: one is nude and matte, one is slightly champaigne and shimmery (Sin), and there's a new one with more of a yellow undertone (Eden).  Ironically I currently use the Sin formula every day.  It even comes in an extra-large size that lasts longer.  The regular nude formula is shown here.

There are a few more that I think work well.  Bare Escentuals has one.  My friend Jessica Arca, who owns the local fabulous spa Fleur de Lis  on 6th Ave in Tacoma sells it locally.  I have used that one for a long time in the past. 

But don't be misled, it's totally worth it.  If you're gonna spend time placing shadow and liner where you want it, why not ensure that it stays there as long you're facing the world?