Girls, we like our products. And we're always in search of that next cosmetic miracle. None of us has the funds to try every new product that gets our attention, so here are the observations I've made on various beauty products I've tried. Hey, if it helps one person save a buck or snag that soon-to-be-treasured beauty breakthrough, my job here is complete. Cosmetic junkies, unite!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Blushing Beauty

I love me some blush.  It does SO MUCH in terms of enhancing face contour and keeping a girl from looking washed out.  So today, I'm dedicating a little post to this makeup must-have.  After setting your foundation (with Bare Minerals Mineral Veil if you're me) and perhaps adding a little bronzer on cheeks, nose, and forehead, it's time for this little guy: Bare Minerals complexion enhancer in TRUE.  It's my favorite blush out there.  I'm not gonna lie, though, it's pretty sparkly.  So if that's a concern, there's actually a version in Bare Escentuals stores called TRUDY that has less sparkles.  I also like the A LITTLE SUN color for summer to use as both a bronzer AND a blush.  So grab a contoured brush and sweep it gently from your hairline to your laugh-line just below your cheekbone.  Sparkle on, lady!

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